1. Did your Journal registered in ISSN? 
    Yes. Our Journal registered in ISSN.ISSN No.0976-0997, for check ...please visit
  2. What is the frequency of the Journal?
    Bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October & December) 6 Issues per year.
  3. What are the subjects to be Covered / published in your Journal?
    All Science Subjects will cover in our journal for publication(Physical Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science, Engineering Science, Agricultural Science, Animal and veterinary Science, Life Science, Microbiology, Medical Science, Plant Science, Engineering Science, Poultry Science, Space Science, etc.
  4. Shall we publish review articles in your Journal?
    Yes, you are encouraged and permitted to publish Review Articles and the maximum pages not more than 15. The References should be mentioned properly.
  5. What are the necessary details we have to provide while we are sending our paper for publication?
    The name of all the Authors, Corresponding Author, and Name of the Institution with E mail ID.
  6. Do you check the Plagiarism in IJONS?
    Yes. We are compulsory checking Plagiarism in your Paper. It should not more than 20%, the authors are instructed to check the percentage of plagiarism before submitting your paper for publication. It will enhance the standard of our Journal.
  7. Will the same author publish two papers in the same issue?
    Yes. A Single author can able to publish two papers in the same issue but you have to get the permission from your University/College/Institution.
  8. What are the eligibility conditions to join in the Editorial Committee? Is there any registration fee?
    There is no registration fee. Your CV will be verified by the Journal Management Committee and they will shortlist the members based on the qualifications, publications and research activities.
  9. Can you able to explain how I have to send my Research paper for publication and how many pages needed? Is there any model for publication?
    The Research Paper should include Abstract, Introduction, Methodology or Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References. The Table and Figures to be mentioned very clearly. The Research Paper may contain 10-15 Pages and it will be send through IJONS official mail ID .
  10. When will you send the acceptance letter after Submitting my Research Paper for Publication?
    IJONS verified your Research Paper under Fast Track Process (FTP) and you will receive the acceptance letter within 3 -5 days. After getting the approval from Review Committee, we will send the communication.
  11. How can I believe the truth of Acceptance Letter?
    The Reference Number will be mentioned in the Acceptance Letter. The Acceptance Letter shows the original signature with date by the Editor in Chief and Publication officer. The secret code was printed in the acceptance letter to prevent the duplicate letters. If you want to check the acceptance letter, you may send to IJONS mail ID and clarify your doubts.
  12. Shall we cancel our Paper after getting the acceptance letter?
    Before Publication, you can able to cancel/withdraw your paper. But after publication, you are not able to cancel/withdraw your paper.
  13. Shall we make any correction in the Research Paper after publication?
    Yes. You can make simple corrections. But, you have to get the proper certificates.
  14. Is there any Publication Charges?
    Yes. IJONS can be published from Tamil Nadu Scientific Research Organization (TNSRO). For Publication and maintenance, we are collecting the Processing Fee from the Authors. For Indian Authors a sum of Rs. 3000 and for the Foreign Authors a sum of USD 100. The Authors are permitted to pay the processing fee after the paper has been accepted for publication.
  15. How can I get the published paper?
    The published paper will send to concerned corresponding author mail ID. You can also get the published paper from and click Research Journal option. The Research Journal Papers are available in the website since 2010. The Research Papers can be accessed and retrieved  by Volume, Issue, Cover Page, Front Page and Full Text at free of cost.
  16. Is IJONS is an open access journal?
    Yes. IJONS is an Open Access Journal. At any time, any where you can access research papers at free of cost.
  17. Do you accept the seminar/conference event report for publication?
    Yes. At free of cost, we will publish it. We are giving preference to student writers.
  18. Do you publish special Edition for seminar/conference papers?
    Yes. We will publish special Edition, based on your order fee relaxation will be given. But, that concerned University/College to be signed MoU with IJONS.
  19. Whether it is an Online or printed Journal?
    IJONS publish papers in a printed version. But, for the convenience for authors and students, IJONS provides all the research papers in our authorized website in the pdf format. Note: We have to obey the Environmental Regulation Act, so, we are publishing the papers in the PDF format in the website.
  20. What can I do if I missed my published research paper?
    Based on your request to our Mail ID, we will send you the published research paper. But, you have to send the Reference number in the research paper.  It should be provided only to the corresponding authors and other co authors mentioned in the research paper.  Other than the authors, if anybody wants to access the paper or , we won’t give them.
  21. In which mode I have to pay the processing and publication fee?
    If you will be an Indian Author, you have to pay the processing and publication fee to the Indian Bank Account mentioned in the Website Research Journal Page. If you are foreign author, you have to click the paypal option in the Research Journal Page by Master and VISA card. If you are not having paypal option in your country, you can able to pay the fee through Western Union based on our guidelines and instruction.
  22. Can you able to give the Certificate of Publication? How can I get it?
    Yes. There is no cost for Certificate for Publication. It will send to the corresponding author Mail Id within 5 days.
  23. Shall our University/College/Department subscribe your Journal?
    Yes. Your University/College/Department can able to subscribe our Journal. The Printed Version of our Journal will be sent to you after subscribing to our Journal. You have to get and fill the subscription application from our website and pay the subscription fees a sum of Rs. 1500/- through our Indian Bank account mentioned in our website.
  24. How can we submit the Copy right form and author under taking form?
    Based on your request, we will send you the Copy right form and author undertaking form. It is also available in our website. The Corresponding author and first author must submit the Copy right form and author undertaking form. The forms to be filled and scanned copy of the form to be sent to our mail ID.
  25. Did your indexed in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters)?
    Yes. We are indexed in Master Journalist of Clarivate Analytics. Please refer following link
  26. May I clarify that Did IJONs Journal indexed in other databases?
    World Cat, Index Copper Nicus,
  27. What is the Impact factor of your Journal?
    Many databases give the impact factor for the Journals. But, we currently received ISI Impact factor 1.265 for the year 2017-18.
  28. Have you got the NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) Rating for IJONS Journal?
    Yes. NAAS rating is 3.56 for our Journal. Journal ID – 1075 (
  29. What is the Review Process of IJONS?
    Double Blind Review process
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