About us

Tamilnadu Scientific Research Organization (TNSRO) is a non governmental organization, which is duly registered by the govt. of Tamilnadu under Indian Trust Act. TNSRO was started on 1997 by a group of social and scientific volunteers for the welfare of down trodden people. An institution has carried outstanding multi disciplinary activities in the field of science and society development.  TNSRO has got registration from Income Tax department for 12A and 80G exemption under act 1961. TNSRO is life member in Tamilnadu Federation of Voluntary organization-Chennai.  TNSRO is a catalog organization working for the development of lower strata through the scientific application. Our organization to promote the advancement, transfer and sharing of scientific knowledge, science education, raise public awareness of sustainable development issues by launching co-operative activities with major groups.

Research and development programmes for villages. i.e. Water resource management, health and hygiene, forest and environment management and social welfare of the rural people.  And also TNSRO has been organizing seminars, conferences, trainings and workshops related our target issues.  Publish and co-publishes books, journals, reports and documents collection for information services, creates and supports other research and social networks of co-operating institution.  A multi disciplinary team of TNSRO workers along with the experienced technical and other supporting staff are now pursuing their research and development, social awareness programmes in view of the various development problems of the target area.


To provide expertise and assistance to rural community in building their capacity to reduce poverty, tackle environmental problem and promote sustainable agriculture, rural prosperity assure and responsibility for their health and pursuer education through science and technological applications.



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