Aims and Objectives

  • To promote popularization of science & technology among the public and students by way of organizing awareness programmes, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, training Programmes and research activities.
  • To identify areas for the applications of science & technology for the developmental needs, in particular, to the prevailing conditions of backwardness, rural, unemployment and poverty.
  • To form and maintain farmers field schools, farmer’s science clubs, students science club and youth clubs.
  • To formulate and implement any successful environmental programme it is necessary to make it socially relevant
  • To institute awards & fellowships for distinct fellow in the field of environmental conservation and science popularization.
  • To formulate and implement the community based health promotional programmes.
  • To conserve our biodiversity through the effective implementation plan.
  • To promote and conduct research and development programmes in the field of health, environment, agriculture, education etc
  • To publish research journals, books and local community news paper in the view of promotion of environmental science.
  • To encourage the rural community in Sustainable Agriculture  through Natural farming.


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